By observing a few basic precautions, maintaining a healthy respect for the sea and having the correct equipment available, boating can be a completely safe activity.

To ensure an enjoyable and safe day we ask passengers to observe the following precautions :-

1. Warm Clothing.

Passengers are reminded that it is inevitably cooler at sea and that the weather can change quite quickly. Light clothing, that seemed appropriate on land, may well be inadequate for a sea voyage.

Therefore, please ensure that you have some additional warm clothing available with you that you can wear if necessary.

2. Safety Briefing Card.

A briefing card outlining key safety information is issued to everyone prior to departure. For their own safety and protection passengers are respectfully required to read and familiarise themselves with the information contained therein.

3. Nominated Safety Rep.

In order to limit the level of safety information issued to passengers to the basic essentials, one member of the boat’s compliment is required to have a wider knowledge of the safety aspects relating to the vessel and to also act as an interface between the skipper and passengers in the event of an emergency.

This will usually be a crew member who will be introduced to passengers on arrival.

Exceptionally and by arrangement, this can be a member of the group who are chartering the vessel. In these cases it will be necessary for that person to spend some time familiarising themselves with the items on the safety representative check list prior to departure. All passengers are requested to ensure they know who the safety representative is and encouraged to ask if they have any questions or concerns regarding safety

4. No access to deck areas while at sea.

Conditions at sea are inevitably such that passenger access to side-deck and fore-deck areas would prove hazardous. Therefore access to these areas is prohibited while at sea.

5. Safety Equipment.

M/V “Lismore Castle” carries all the Safety Equipment required by the Chichester Harbour Conservancy to operate commercially within Chichester Harbour.